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Group Classes are led by your Coach and follow the posted W.O.D. ("workout of the day.") 

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Who We Are

Coaches Who Care


We carefully select coaches who are passionate about nutrition and fitness and want to instill that passion into our community to help people become stronger, fitter and healthier. We want to give our friends and neighbors both the physical training and knowledge to live healthier lives. Your coach will carefully explain all exercises and programming and will be actively engaged throughout your workout to make sure you’re working in a safe and effective manner.  Coaches provide guidance and make corrections to your form/weight/repetitions as needed during the workouts to ensure safety and best results. And trust us – no matter how fit you may be, you are going to be challenged.

About the Owner

Rocco doesn’t just talk fitness and nutrition – he’s been living it for decades.  He’s completed Ironman Triathlons, ultra-distance trail-runs, long distance swims, trained in MMA fighting, and worked as a personal trainer and strength coach for a NY-based outfit. He played and coached soccer, enjoys mountain biking, trail running, skiing and of course CrossFit!  His undergraduate studies, which included courses in general nutrition, nutrition for sports performance, diet analysis, and exercise science, provided him with a solid knowledge base for coaching his clients to success.  Additionally, Rocco holds his CrossFit CF-L1 and CrossFit Kids Certificate and additional course studies in the following areas: Aerobic Capacity (building endurance), Scaling (applying proper modifications to meet the individual athlete's capabilities,) Spot the Flaw (correcting improper movement in athletes), and Judges (judging for proper range of motion and reps in competitions).

Rocco wants to build a strong, healthy community from the ground up.  He wants our children to grow up strong, both mentally and physically – and he believes that teaching both adults and children the reasons for fitness while giving them the knowledge to make healthy choices is the key to a healthy community.  Rocco believes in helping people, especially those who are struggling with their health.  He wants to make an impact and to see clients succeed, stay motivated, get back up, and keep moving forward.  He wants to see that 70-year-old perform her first push up, that new athlete get his first ring muscle up, that high school athlete make varsity, and  that 55-year-old diabetic get off of his medications and live a happier, healthier lifestyle with his kids – not just watch them from the sidelines.


At CrossFit 377 Madison, New Jersey you won’t see the never-ending rows of elliptical machines, isolation exercise stations, televisions or magazines, because that stuff doesn’t get you fitter.  There are no mirrors, no scales, and no smoothie bar, because those things won’t help you either.

What you will find at CrossFit 377 are professional coaches who won’t waste your time, energy or money on things that won’t help you.  Rather, we promise to give you the best value for your time, less shine and more knowledge.  You will find a smaller-size location because we want to foster a sense of teamwork and community where clients know they’re receiving personal attention and encouragement; an atmosphere where we care about your goals and achievements and will always put you first while using the best standards of practice. We will show you how to perform the movements, teach you how to execute them properly and motivate you through the workouts.  We will utilize your time with us to maximize your fitness to make you fitter and healthier than you were the day before. CrossFit 377 will provide you the opportunity, coaching, and knowledge you need to relentlessly pursue excellence.  Achieving it will be up to you, and how hard you’re willing to work.